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           Neely, A newly aquired layout by the club. Full detailed description below. 

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     Scunthorpe Modern Image

    Railway Group


    N Gauge DCC controlled


    Neely is an ‘N’ gauge depiction of Ely but not an exact replica, so it is nearly Ely or Neely for short.


    The layout is operated in the Modern Era (2000 to the present day) with its many liveries and multitude of colours. Services from the north include those from Kings Lynn, Peterborough and Norwich. To the south services are towards Cambridge and the single-track line of towards Soham.


    Trackwork is PECO concrete sleeper code 55 on the scenic side with large radius points operated by Tortoise slow motion motors. The fiddle yard at the rear is code 80 track with medium radius points.  


    It is DCC controlled using a kit-built command station, booster and handheld controllers from the Model Electronic Railway Group (MERG) and utilizes the MERG CBUS to control points and coloured light signals. The control panel is a touch screen computer using the JAVA Model Railroad Interface system. The computer program also allows route setting and interlocking. Colour light signals are from CR Signals with the standard two and four aspect, some with feathers


    The station is several modified Metcalfe kits. The large factory building, offices and houses are scaled down versions of the actual buildings on site at Ely.


    Also modelled is the infamous, or notorious, Ely road underpass.





                        Scale/Gauge:                  2mm : 1ft   9mm N Gauge

                        Layout size:                    17ft x 5ft

                        Region:                           Contemporary East Anglia

                        Control Panel:                 DCC operated

                        Operators:                       5

                        Featured:                         BRM